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Proposal: Digital Video Scripts for Scenarios & Interviews

Although moving toward electronic medical records/filing seems to be an inevitable technological progression, educating patients about how this transition could benefit them is a crucial rhetorical step in that process. Any community-education effort for a change this significant must necessarily take a multi-faceted approach involving numerous mediums to spread the word. Clearly, there is a need for print materials, and the Healthy Advice Network represents an already established delivery platform that can be used; however, in our modern world where the majority of Americans report that they get most of their information from the internet and other electronic means, it seems that any community-education effort must be centered around an educational website.

Of course, designing and building the structure and content for an extensive website requires more resources and time than can be accomplished through this course and in one semester, so my proposal is focused on laying the groundwork for two different content sections in a website dedicated to educating patients about the benefits of electronic medical records.

Proposal 1: Scenario Scripts for short, digital-video PSAs (to be posted on a website).

Not every patient is going to want to read about the benefits of the new methods, so offering short scenarios that highlight particular benefits would be a good way for patients to envision themselves in a situation where electronic medical records could benefit them personally. These scenario PSAs would be scripted and acted out by trained actors (perhaps from the UCF theatre department).

Since we are not film students and time constraints would make it difficult to complete such PSAs during this semester, I think we could best serve the community-education effort by developing multiple scripts for the scenario PSAs described above. We would develop, of course, the various themes and focus of multiple PSAs, but I could also see us creating the actual dialogue for the videos.

Proposal 2: Create general outlines and plans for user-interview videos

Despite the modern trend of patient empowerment, doctors are still viewed as authoritative, so medical professionals should be tapped to help promote electronic records. Again, these would be short digital videos posted on a website.

The videos would feature short interviews with doctors and other medical professionals (i.e. pharmacists, technicians, nurses, etc.) where the interviewees discussed actual situations where electronic medical records benefited a patient of theirs. Therefore, the interviews would need to be with medical professionals already using the technology and that have enough experience with it to speak about how it benefits patients. I could also imagine interviews with actual patients who have been benefited by their doctors using the technology.

Of course, you cannot script interviews; however, we can develop the concepts and focuses for the interviews and potentially begin the process of lining up interviewees.

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