The Art of Psychoanalysis   1 comment

Genevieve’s post made me think of an article I read a while back that I loved about power tactics in the doctor-patient relationship (or in this case the psychoanalyst-patient relationship). It is from a book whose title has nothing to do with this article, so don’t let that mislead you. Although this piece is clearly meant as a satire, I think it contains a lot of truth.  It discusses the power tactics that a psychoanalyst might use to establish and maintain control in a patient relationship, foster a sense of dependence in the patient and keep the patient coming back for more.


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  1. Words do have power, and using words that the patient does not understand could be an attempt at exerting knowledge power and making the patient feel stupid and powerless, but when the doctor waters the jargon down, we complain that he or she is condescending. And the use of medical speak could simply be the by-product of years of study and practice. I love using fancy shmancy rhetorical speak on a regular basis, and I have no intention of making other people feel powerless, and I know that when a college who teaches marketing or game design uses his or her own jargon with me, I see it as an opportunity to be educated in that field’s terminology. It also validates that person as a member of the profession.


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