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Your conversation is far along, and I am quite over-stimulated, really.  So many threads; I’d follow each one if I could.  I have been working recently on the public narration of breast cancer–and am thinking many things as I read your posts:  about narrative medicine, yes; about power dynamics in physician-patient relations; about permissible and impermissible stories; and, very much, lately, about “The Big C” (thanks for mentioning that).  I’m a bit obsessed with it, really.  Laura Linney’s character has such an attractive cancer–a stigmata on her back; how different the discovery of her oddly liberated body (her self-image in the refrigerator door) would have been if she’d had, say, breast cancer.  I am captivated by what you are reading alongside my chapters; your reading alongside gives my work a special life–as there I am among Mary Lay, Sandra Harding . . . .  In any case, I am here now, late but here. Now back to reading your posts.

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  1. Glad to have you here! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to become overstimulated by us. j/k Seriously though, I think we all appreciate having you read up on our blog.

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