How to Self-Diagnose Online — Without Contracting Cyberchondria   Leave a comment

Reading the posts, I had to search a bit to find a website that had not been discussed – at least I don’t think it has.

I’m most interested in websites that attempt to bring awareness to a problem, while at the same time, offering solutions.  I think it goes without saying, with the world at our fingertips, we’re going to search for answers on our own.  Though this website is a bit intuitive and simplistic, I think it does make some useful suggestions/observations. It is also a website that seems to cater to many interests (and thus, likely to attract a wide-ranging audience), though it does seems particularly oriented toward women. One of the observations that seems relevant given our discussions about involving patient social networking is the inherent bias and potentially lack of expertise in patient-generated content. I think it is very important to know who is speaking – or writing as it were – when considering symptoms, advice and self-diagnosis. Its also important, as this website notes, that we recognize when we are becoming consumed with the search for answers, and when it might be time to just step away, or to seek human help.

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