“Hyp Humor”: Satirizing Cyberchondria? (and on a more serious note…)   Leave a comment

I have a two-part post because I have two links to share, one of which led to the other.

The first link is to a blog post and a podcast discussing cyberchondria. I found the author’s distinction between those engaging in obsessive online self-diagnosis and those seeking more information about a diagnosis as determined by a doctor important. He also provides a link to a related podcast. But what I really gleaned from this blog was the sole comment–which provided a link to another blog, “Diary of a CyberChondriac.” Diary of a CyberChondriac claims to be written by a cyberchondriac approaching the issue in jest, but it reads more like a comedic parody poking fun at hypochondria and its recent developments. It’s highly entertaining but raises questions about how appropriate “hyp humor” is (as termed by Segal in one of our blog comments).

Posted September 21, 2010 by Lela in Uncategorized

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