Two semi-related but probably random thoughts…   2 comments

Hi All:

Our discussion here made me think about how uninsured people may rely more on these site than those of us–whether hypochondriacs or not–who can go to our doctor for a mere 25 or 30 dollar copay. This reliance on a technology rather than a human could then impact that uninsured person’s interactions with future doctors.

Also, would people who use these sited regularly be more open to EHR?


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2 responses to “Two semi-related but probably random thoughts…

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  1. Yes, I have to agree a big portion of internet searching self-diagnosis is because people just don’t have the money. I know that has happened to me in the past because of all the specialists I have to go to (neurologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, etc) and so my medical bills are already through the roof.

    Side note: In some instances I bothered with internet searching when I had a virus, for example, because along with my other underlying health problems I did not have the strength to physically leave my apartment to go to the doctor’s office and there was no one to drive me. (There’s something to be said for the old school practice in which doctors made house calls!)

    And this may go back to the EHR aspect you reflected on:
    There are also other times in which my regular general practioner was booked solid and I was somewhat trapped. If I was going to see anyone AT ALL I needed to see someone who already knew my medical history, particularly because I was too ill to sit there and review it with someone new.


  2. Excellent points! I absolutely think class/uninsured issues play a significant part in those seeking medical advice online. I come from a family whose immediate response is “go to the doctor.” While I have insurance, I am not as “sold” on doctors as my family members, so I will often research online first. I would not characterize myself as a cyberchondriac even remotely because I am more inclined to minimize possible diagnoses before convincing myself I suffer from them, but I appreciate the value of such mediums for the uninsured, the skeptics, the economical folks on a budget, and those who may simply be less willing to put all their faith in a medical physician.

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