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“We were furious about the session they required us to attend…they explained…as if we were total idiots…so much of our time on so little information” (Rapp p. 8).

“Marcya: …it’s a fifty-fifty chance”

Me: …It’s less than a point fifty chance”

“Marcya: the chances…was nine hundred”

“…she also revealed a profound misunderstanding of both miscarriage rates and the rates and the risk of carrying a chromosomally atypical fetus” (Rapp p.175).

As much as Rapp is justified in addressing the gender issues and cultural issues of counselors and pregnant women communicating from different socioeconomic places and religious and political viewpoints, I wonder why the disparate reactions to the info aren’t more of a concern. What rhetorical choices could be made to address the various audiences?

Possible rhetorical choices:

  • A brochure for an educated couple?
  • A bullet point fact or FAQ sheet to be given post face-to-face counseling for someone with less understanding of the subject?
  • A visual representation of the odds for someone like Marcya?

I wonder if the counselors see their role as a rhetorical one. I suspect they do as they admit to striving for neutrality.

Are these counselors asking probing questions? Listening rhetorically to the pregnant women during and after the session?

Do the counselors have written materials created by medical experts, tech writers, themselves? What role does each physician play in this conversation?

Imagine Marcya reading her EHR by herself.


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  1. Elle invites us to “Imagine Marcya reading her EHR by herself.” No. It is too depressing and you can’t make me.

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